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Carpet adds style, warmth and comfort to your home or office but with the  huge variety in today’s market, it’s hard to know where to start.

Provincial has a wide array of carpets in different colours, textures, yarns and styles to suit all budgets and requirements. We can help you find one that is perfect for you…whether it be an extravagant multi-coloured Axminster or a simple Berber! The styles include cut pile, cut and loop and loop pile carpets. Also sold are a comprehensive range of carpet tiles, which are more often than not sold into the commercial sector. The majority of our carpets are Australian-made.

Yarn types include:

  • Wool and Wool blend
  • Triexta
  • Nylon, including Solution Dyed Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene

When choosing a carpet you need to consider the look, feel and durability. It needs to work with your décor, lifestyle and family situation. Most people base their decision around

  • Colour
  • Style/texture
  • Price

Secondary considerations such as warranty, manufacturer support, environmental credentials and country of origin can also have an influence.

The carpet fibre/yarn types affect properties like fade/stain resistance and longevity. The carpet style affects the look and texture. Within each style of carpet you get different categories/weaves. For example, cut piles can either be plush, twist or shag pile. Loop pile may be ribbed giving a sisal or Berber look. Loop pile may also be textured, hi-lo or level. The mixture of textures in cut and loop style can range from boldly dramatic to a classic and tailored look. This cut and loop style is often used in large lounge or dining areas where the patterns are well displayed and enjoyed.

Your choice of underlay is also important. It can accentuate the feel you are looking for in your carpet. It comes in various thicknesses, densities and materials, and should always have the properties essential to the specific carpet you select. Within the commercial sector, depending on the project requirements, some types can be adhered to the carpet and /or the subfloor (dual- bond), and come with specific fire and acoustic ratings. In all cases the underlay should at least match the quality of the carpet. We have access to the entire range of Dunlop and Airstep underlay and will help you choose the one most suited to your requirements and best suited to the carpet.


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