Floating Floors

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Also known as ‘engineered’ or ‘click-lock’ flooring, floating floors are available in a vast array of timber and timber-look styles. They come in in assorted board sizes and have both matt and gloss finishes. Some surfaces are smooth, whereas others will be embossed, to enhance the realism of the timber. The way they sound, the feel under foot, as well as the way they look of course, all combine to give the right feel to your home.

Made from materials including bamboo, timber, laminate and cork, each type of floating floor has unique qualities that can be tailored to your preference. A recent innovation in ‘Waterproof Core Technology’ means that there is now also a 100% waterproof option.

Whilst floating floors are often installed in new homes, they are also the perfect solution for homeowners looking to transform their previously tiled or carpeted floors to timber-look. 

The various Floating Floor options are:

BAMBOO FLOORING is very popular. It is valued for its denseness, sustainability, durability and stylish appearance. It is also better for the environment and provides a naturally beautiful look.

ENGINEERED OR FLOATING TIMBER FLOORS (not to be confused with timber laminate or solid timber flooring) are generally a veneer of high-grade timber over a plantation timber substrate. Either 3 layer or multi-ply construction, engineered timber floors are pre-coated and cured in the factory so that they can be installed and walked upon immediately. Through innovative manufacturing techniques, engineered timber is now a viable alternative to solid timber, and is also a more sustainable choice as it only uses a veneer of natural timber. If you want warmth, grace, timeless elegance and real natural wood in your home – engineered timber floors are the perfect solution.

LAMINATE FLOORING is made from high density fibreboard – which is bound together with melamine resin. While melamine lends structural stability, the high-density fibre provides durability, stability and resistance from impact. The decorative layer is typically a high definition image – an applied photo – that simulates either wood or stone, or some other natural material. Above this is a final clear protective layer, that gives laminate flooring its strong, scratch and stain resistant coating. Laminate is a hardwearing, resilient, affordable and high –performing floor.

WPC (Water Proof Core) - Australia’s latest flooring innovation, which combines the best of laminate with the best of vinyl. One of these is Embelton’s Aqua-Tuf. It is the first rigid and waterproof floating floor product that can be installed throughout the entire home including wet areas such as kitchens and laundries. With its rigid core and hard textured vinyl surface layer, Aqua-Tuf looks and performs like a real Oak timber floor. It can be direct stuck to avoid the requirement for expansion joints, but can be floated just as easily. Take a look at the video below to find out more about this versatile product.

CORK FLOORS. Cork is a sustainable raw material and offers excellent acoustical performance as flooring. Apparently once you live on cork flooring, it is difficult to settle with anything else!




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