Vinyl Sheet, Planks & Tiles

Sold as fully installed or supply only, these products can include on site measure and quote.

Vinyl floor coverings are available in a diverse assortment of patterns, styles and finishes, with properties that make it a credible alternative as a floor covering in both a residential and commercial setting. Vinyl is quieter, warmer and softer under foot than ceramic tiles. It is easier to maintain than timber-look floors and it is waterproof.

When choosing vinyl it is important to consider what subfloor or surface you are laying it on as sometimes additional floor prep will be required.

For RESIDENTIAL purposes vinyl is mostly used in main floor areas, but often extends into the bedrooms, and sometimes, even the wet areas.

For the budget-driven customer, there are ranges which are economical to purchase and install.

COMMERCIAL vinyl will often be specified by architects especially in areas where hygiene is crucial such as laboratories, medical practices or even computer rooms. It is also perfect for large shop floors. Different areas often require different slip ratings, which are readily available within the variety of ranges.  Our main suppliers of commercial vinyl are Armstrong and Polyflor.

Vinyl planks & TILES

These range in size and can either be direct stuck or a very popular product at present is loose lay vinyl planks. These are generally adhered using Pressure Sensitive glue, which allows them to be easily removed and replaced.... and even reused in a different setting. Our main suppliers are Armstrong, Decoline, Polyflor, Karndean, Signature Flooring, Dunlop and Kenbrock. The loose lay vinyl is easy to install and is normally 5mm thick which gives an added cushioning and makes it more tolerant to sub-floor imperfections. It comes in ranges that are surprisingly realistic in their similarity to timber or timber-look floors.

Vinyl sheet

Vinyl sheet can be either 1.8, 2, 3, 3.66 or 4m wide. There are different thicknesses giving varying degrees of cushioning. It comes in a timber, tile, classic or modern look. Our main suppliers are Godfrey Hirst, Pegulan, PR Floors, Armstrong and Signature. Vinyl sheet without backing should be stuck down however the felt back vinyl sheet can be loose laid.


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